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How to Join the Beagle Club

The Cumberland Beagle Club has three levels of membership, associate, senior, and gold. Associate membership is for all members with less than 10 years of active membership. Senior membership requires 10 years of active membership and you must be 65 years or older. Finally, gold membership is for members with 50 years of active membership.


1.  The prospective new member must have a sponsor who has been in the club three years or longer.

2.  After September 1st the sponsor gets in touch with the Membership Chairman and places their name on the wait list.  The list will close when the Membership Chairman feels that enough names have been collected to fill the next years needs.  The sponsor will be given a new member packet with all of the requirements and dates needed to complete the membership process.  Names are placed on the list on a first come first serve basis.

3.  All prospective new members will come to the club in January for an interview.  At the time of the interview they must bring the completed application, a current BCI and their NRA number if they have one.  If they don’t have an NRA membership we have  a  club member who can sign them up.

4.  The club’s new year starts at the February membership meeting.  After that date passes and we can determine how many members drop out and how many are moved to the senior category then we will know how many new members we can bring in. That number will be contacted starting at the top of the list on down.

5.  Those contacted will be required to attend a new member orientation.  Upon payment of dues, initiation fee and gate key the prospect becomes a probationary member.  All probationary members are required to complete 20 hrs. of work service for the club prior to the next February membership meeting.

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